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 Mattress Size Chart




a crib or toddler mattress is just what you’re looking for your baby’s first bed. These dimensions are standard  US sizes, so rest assured this will fit any crib you bring home for your young little.

Crib 27” X 52” / 68.5cm X 132cm


A twin bed mattress, is great size bed for most kids, guest rooms, hostels, and small living spaces. a twin mattress provides adequate sleeping space for solo-sleepers from toddlerhood through the teen years, though most adults find a twin too small.

Twin 39” X 75” / 96.5cm X 190.5cm


if you’re outfitting your college student’s dorm or looking to give your growing little’s more space a twin XL’s added length gives you plenty versatility for kids and students. Economical and maneuverable, twin XL mattresses are easy to move from dorm to apartment, but most adults prefer larger mattresses once circumstances allow.

Crib 39” X 80” / 96.5cm X 203.5cm


A full mattress provides a good compromise between twin and queen mattresses. Teens who have outgrown their childhood beds will welcome the added space, while young graduates appreciate the economical price and size when trying to outfit smaller apartments. A full mattress makes a great investment, as it can eventually be used in a guest bedroom once grown children move out.

Crib 60” X 80” / 152.5cm X 203.5cm

a queen is a mattress size you most likely will outgrow over time. The majority of master bedrooms accommodate a queen mattress easily, and the queen size’s popularity means that accessories and bedding are steadily available in a range of prices, materials, and styles.

Crib 39” X 80” / 96.5cm X 203.5cm

A King size bed mattress provides a luxurious amount of space, king mattresses measure 76” x 80” and are ideal for couples or single sleepers who enjoy extra sleeping area. In a king bed, couples each get the equivalent of a twin mattress to themselves each night.

Crib 76” X 80” / 193cm X 203.5cm


A California king mattresses takes four inches of width from a conventional king bed and adds it to it’s overall length, measuring 72” x 84”. These size mattresses are perfect for tall sleepers, it provides tall sleepers with 12″ more width than they would get from a queen.

Crib 72″ X 84″ / 183cm X 213cm

with so many options and manufacturers to choose from, it’s good to know the most amount of details of a mattress. Once you have created a list of pros and established a budget you can reach out to us at Paramount Mattress and one of our representatives with decades of experience can assist you making the right decision.

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